Exalt Communications announced that Teton Communications Inc., a network operator and two-way radio systems integrator in Eastern Idaho, has standardized on Exalt microwave radio systems to support its backbone network over a 20,000 square-mile service area stretching from Pocatello to Yellowstone. The company has deployed Exalt licensed 6 GHz radio systems on several 20-mile links to date, and intends to replace the legacy gear on its remaining links over time. Teton Communications is also recommending Exalt radio systems to its customers, including public safety organizations and utilities, for their own private network upgrades and expansions.

“We evaluated systems from all major microwave vendors, but Exalt offered a much better combination of features, performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness,” said Tony Hafla, President of Teton Communications. “With Exalt, we have the flexibility to scale up to full wire-speed Gigabit Ethernet through capacity aggregation, and we have reduced our capital and operational costs significantly.”

The Exalt EX-6i-DS3-GigE radio systems deployed by Teton Communications currently carry up to 12 T1 lines of native TDM traffic along with 100 megabits per second of Ethernet bandwidth. Both TDM and Ethernet capacities may be expanded or interchanged in the future via remotely downloadable software. Thanks to the Exalt 1.5+0 redundancy configuration, the operator avoids the cost of deploying standby radios because Exalt technology ensures that every radio link stays in operation even if there is an internal component failure. The Exalt radio systems also reduce operating expenses; they use a small fraction of the power used by the legacy systems they are replacing, and Exalt’s web-based management system allows the technicians at Teton Communications to remotely configure and troubleshoot radios without a truck roll.

“In remote areas like Eastern Idaho, wireless links are the only way to connect facilities, but that does not mean network operators have to sacrifice bandwidth or reliability in order to keep costs down,” said Amir Zoufonoun, President and CEO of Exalt Communications. “As wireless service providers like Teton Communications are discovering, Exalt radio systems deliver carrier-class reliability and highly scalable bandwidth while reducing costs.”