Richardson Electronics Ltd., the electronics components distributor with strong local support and a key presence in all major markets worldwide, announced that it is stocking and delivering Vincotech’s newest complete GPS receiver system solutions, the A1084-A and A1084-B receiver modules and the A1035-H receiver/antenna module.

Both the A1084-A/B modules allow direct connection with either passive or active antennas, thereby accommodating design versatility across a broad range of customer applications. The premium version A1084-A goes even a step further. This module offers a second input for external active antennas. It therefore addresses any application in which an external antenna is used for normal operation and an internal antenna is used as a fallback option (for example, when someone is tampering with the external antenna). This feature can be very important in safety and security applications. It allows the application itself to switch from one antenna input to the other.