MtronPTI announces the M9103 Series 10 MHz Frequency Reference. The M9103 Series is an extremely small Global Positioning System Disciplined Oscillator (GPSDO) that has a built-in Distribution Amplifier and a high performance GPS receiver. The new module is backward form, fit and function compatible to the MtronPTI M9101D Series GPSDO, and offers higher performance and additional functionality in the same footprint. The M9103 Series also provides specialized support for airborne applications by providing avionics systems with 3D-Velocity Vector, Attitude (Q3/09), Speed, Heading, Height (both MSL and GPS Height), Position, Time, Date, Frequency, Time-Stamping and Health information.

At a size of only 1.5 x 3.0 inches, the M9103 Series provides Stratum-1 long-term performance of better than 5 parts per Trillion (5E-012) averaged over 24 hours at less than half the size of the smallest competitive products. It also features a built-in 3-port distribution amplifier with +13 dBm Sine Wave outputs and isolation of typically better than 80 dB at 3 GHz, and 90 dB at 10 MHz.

The M9103 Series provides an OCXO-sourced 1 PPS LVDS output that is phase synchronized to better than 50 ns rms to UTC (typ. < 10 ns rms), a high-accuracy LVDS 10 MHz output, as well as three independent 10 MHz Sine Wave outputs. The unit can be monitored and controlled by an RS-232 port via standard SCPI Commands, and is capable of generating NMEA-0183 output sentences for easy integration into existing infrastructure. The series has a phase noise floor below –155 dBc/Hz, superior spurious suppression and very low jitter (< 400 fs rms) at a power consumption of < 4 W typically. The M9103 Series is also available with a ruggedized, extended temp-range, low-g oscillator option for demanding military applications. It also provides a direct redundancy feature allowing multiple units to be daisy-chained to each other for increased reliability.

MtronPTI’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Dick Thompson, noted that the M9103 Series is an especially good fit for communications applications, "The built-in 10 MHz distribution amplifier allows it to directly drive up to 5 external devices with a 10 MHz signal without the need for an external splitter or distribution amplifier. The high holdover performance and excellent frequency accuracy are exactly what our customers want. The M9103 Series is ideal for demanding applications such as ARSTRAT, JCREW and various UAV programs as well as a host of applications such as SatCom, Basestations and unmanned airborne markets."