Antenova Ltd., the integrated antenna and RF solutions company, has secured more than 35 new design wins with its GPS RADIONOVA® RF antenna modules. The company also announced that GPS RADIONOVA enabled devices, which include smart phones, personal navigation devices, personal digital assistants, micro trackers, personal trackers, auto vehicle locators, data loggers and other mobile devices, will be in volume mass production in 2010.

The GPS RADIONOVA range of RF antenna modules comes in space saving, low profile form factors in vertical, planar and clip-mount options. The company’s patented complementary antenna technology enables the RF antenna modules to operate independent of ground plane size or placement and are omni-directional, making them suitable for mobile devices that operate in varying orientations.

“GPS RADIONOVA RF antenna modules are fully integrated and optimized drop-in solutions that offer both development and time-to-market advantages for device manufacturers looking to add GPS functionality into their mobile devices,” said Greg McCray, CEO of Antenova. “Integration of the antenna, GPS receiver IC and RF front-end components provides optimized performance, placement flexibility and reduced BOM costs, thus making it a lower risk and simpler solution for device manufactures to design into their own hardware solutions. And with location rapidly becoming a pervasive application, even outside of the traditional personal navigation devices, GPS RADIONOVA is an attractive solution for companies looking to shorten design cycles and/or with little or no RF resource.”