Tahoe RF Semiconductor Inc. announced that it has received an STTR Phase I award from the US Navy for the development of Novel Phase Shifterless RF Phase Array Antenna Systems (N09-T035). The STTR Program provides up to $850,000 in early-stage R&D funding directly to small companies working cooperatively with researchers at universities and other research institutions. Tahoe RF will conduct the development in cooperation with Professor James Buckwalter’s team at the University of California San Diego.

The objective of the R&D work is to utilize advanced technology and design concepts with nonlinear dynamics to develop a Phase-Shifterless RF, Phase Array Antenna system. The use novel coupled Voltage-controlled Oscillator (VCO) Networks is intended to enable small and phase-shifterless phase arrays antennas capable of supporting wideband software-defined radios.

"Tahoe RF Semiconductor is very pleased to have received this award from the DoD. It is a direct result of Tahoe RF’s efforts to build relationships with researchers and the DoD. This award (and pending future awards) in conjunction with Tahoe RF’s recent accreditation by the DMEA as a Trusted Supplier and Broker will allow Tahoe RF to further expand its business with the DoD and the defense industry," said Irshad Rasheed, President and Chief Executive Officer of Tahoe RF Semiconductor Inc.

Chris Saint, VP of engineering, added: "This program allows Tahoe RF to combine its world-class design expertise in advanced process technologies with state of the art research that has been conducted at UC San Diego. We look forward to developing sophisticated solutions that will enable the US Navy to continue its technology leadership."