Micro Systems Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Herley Industries Inc., has achieved a significant milestone on the Korea Medium Range Surface to Air Missile (KMSAM) program. Working as a key team member with Composite Engineering Inc. (CEi) of Sacramento, CA, the company has integrated its MONTAGE ground control station with the CEi developed BQM-167i high performance aerial target. In early May, 2009, the Korean missile successfully engaged the target system and the target aircraft was recovered normally. This missile test was followed by a complex test mission designed to verify that all flight and ground control station performance requirements were achieved. With the successful completion of this test, the CEi/Micro Systems team has been established as a major player in the international targets community.

Wayne Armstrong, Micro Systems' President, commented, "We are very pleased with our performance in Korea and with our continued relationship with CEi. They design and build a variety of outstanding target platforms, and we are fortunate to be teamed with them on several major programs both domestically and internationally. We are confident that this success in Korea will lead to significant international growth."