Nokia, Philips, Gemalto and Microsoft have announced the new 'Trust in Digital Life' initiative that will address the fundamental societal issue of trust in new and emerging digital services. The initiative aims to bring European public and private stakeholders together to develop a common vision, create an agenda for innovation and promote alignment of public and private policies.

Consumers' trust is key to the adoption and success of future digital services in industries such as communications, commerce, healthcare and administration. This joint initiative takes a multi-disciplinary approach, involving users, markets, legal and societal aspects, and technology, that will accelerate the research and development of trustworthy technologies and products.

In the spirit of open innovation, the founding members welcome a broad membership. The initiative invites other partners that share the vision of Trust in Digital Life. Success lies in taking a collaborative approach, between the participants in the initiative and with broader industry and governments. The group will coordinate with other European initiatives in this field.

Mario Campolargo, Director Emerging Technologies & Infrastructures at the European Commission, stated, "It is essential to safeguard the European social 'acquis' in a future world where many human and business activities are critically dependent on complex technology infrastructures and digital services."