Skyworks Solutions Inc., an innovator of high reliability analog and mixed signal semiconductors enabling a broad range of end markets, introduced a new suite of low noise amplifiers (LNA) featuring pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor (PHEMT) and silicon germanium (SiGe) technologies. The new high performing, low cost product family serves various industry applications including GPS; infrastructure such as GSM, W-CDMA and LTE base station transceivers; ISM band and satellite radio; and WLAN markets. In addition, Skyworks is expanding into higher frequency, higher linearity, and even lower noise figures with the company’s latest PHEMT7 technology and enhancement mode PHEMT devices.

“This is an exciting development for Skyworks, and opens up an entirely new product line and market,” said David C. Stasey, Skyworks’ Vice President of analog components. “Skyworks has uniquely designed these discrete PHEMT devices to achieve ultra low noise that supports the high performance requirements for modern receiver designs. We are also utilizing SiGe technology to produce integrated LNA devices. These new devices address low cost and efficiency while providing the added functionality of silicon. With the addition of these new LNA devices, our GPS, infrastructure, ISM, satellite and WLAN customers are thrilled with our new offerings.”