Agilent Technologies Inc. announced a strategic partnership with ASTER Technologies to enable integration of ASTER's TestWay Coverage Analyst with Agilent's printed circuit board assembly test platforms, enabling seamless test coverage analysis across test platforms.

The TestWay Coverage Analyst provides a push-button test coverage analysis tool for coverage estimation (pre-test program development) and coverage measurement (post-test program measurement) using PCOLA-SOQ1 for the Agilent Medalist i3070 and i1000 platforms and other test and inspection equipment on the user's production line, such as optical and X-ray inspection, boundary scan tester, MDA and functional test.

The tool is able to objectively calculate the theoretical coverage from the earliest stage in the product development cycle using CAD files, and measure the real coverage from the developed test programs. This allows users to best manage the overall test solution by making coverage comparisons and optimizing the production test strategies. This optimization process saves production test costs by shortening production test planning time and reducing overall test cycle time and resources.

Adopting TestWay Coverage Analyst allows electronics manufacturers to access a suite of test program tools quality reports. These, in turn, give test engineers visibility into anticipated coverage and constraints that could hamper maximum fault coverage. Test engineers can then identify areas where test coverage can be improved.

"A key benefit of TestWay Coverage Analyst is that it is updated to and validated on the latest Agilent i3070 and i1000 test technologies, so the full suite of Agilent features can be deployed for maximum coverage," said NK Chari, Marketing Director of Agilent's Measurement Systems Division. "The menu-based user interfaces allows even inexperienced users to easily select the appropriate options for rapid data analysis. This will allow test engineers to fine-tune the test coverage on the Agilent i3070 and i1000 even before test development, saving time and costs."

"With a test line combining a wide range of test and inspection equipment from various vendors, TestWay Coverage Analyst becomes mandatory to obtain precise and detailed reports, using impartial test coverage metrics," said Christophe Lotz, Managing Director of ASTER Technologies. "The strategic partnership with Agilent provides a consistent methodology from design to production that allows Agilent's users to minimize test costs by the elimination of overlapping tests."