Aeroflex announced the latest software features for the 3500 series handheld radio test set. Software version 3.5.1 includes new features to extend the test capabilities of the 3500 Series, such as a new Tracking Generator Option, which allows users to test and align duplexers quickly in the field. The updated software also provides support for the P25 Testing Option.

“Aeroflex announced last year that the 3500 Series was P25-ready. With this new software release, Aeroflex has moved quickly to provide this critical test function for the land mobile radio market for testing P25 transmitter power, frequency error, receiver bit error rate and P25 C4FM modulation accuracy,” said Rob Barden, director of product marketing for Aeroflex. “The new software also supports new SWR and distance-to-fault analysis functions that speed testing of antenna and cable systems.”