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"Radio Engineering Services (R.E.S.) is a teamwork of Communications professionals based in Torino (Italy).  They are active in Consulting and Training Services in the Microwave Communications field, as well as in Sw development for Microwave Systems design, simulation and automated testing.Eagle_528 is a recently released PC program for Windows useful to estimate link budget, path loss, and link reliability of a Ground-to-Aircraft radio link in the VHF, UHF, and SHF frequency bands.  Path Loss estimates are based on the model given by ITU-R Rec. P.528-4 (2019).  Several tools are provided to process such estimates and to display results in a practical style.HERALD (HElp for RAdio Link Design) is an already popular R.E.S application, an easy-to-use tool for the design of Microwave Links and Networks (profile analysis, obstruction, reflections; multipath and rain outage; interference analysis).  At an affordable price. it covers the gap between simple spreadsheets and sophisticated (high cost) design suites.  A demo release is available at"

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Contact: Luigi Moreno
Title: Director


Radio Engineering Services
Via Moncalvo 56
Torino I-10131