EMITE Ing announces the release of its 8x8 MIMO Analyzer® Series E100. Five years of continuous university research with over 15 papers in peer-review journals and three patents have resulted in the first MIMO Analyzer for accurate and fast MIMO measurements. With the recent inclusion of MIMO into both WiMAX and LTE standards, MIMO technology has finally exploded. The 8x8 MIMO Analyzer Series E100 is the first of its kind to offer the advantages of direct measurements of implemented Diversity Gain (Apparent, Effective, Ideal and Actual), spurious radiation outside operating bands, embedded radiation efficiency, maximum available Shannon capacity and capacity loss due to efficiency, all united in one single and intuitive interface.

The upcoming Series E200 will include Total Radiated Power (TRP), receiver sensitivity (TIS), Mean Effective Gain (MEG), Angle of Arrival (AoA), MultiPath Components (MPC) and Number of Scatters (NS), among other output parameters. The E100 Series supports operation for any wireless communication standard, such as GSM, WIMAX, PDC, CDMA, WCDMA, DECT, Bluetooth, WLAN, WIMAX, LTE and more.

“Our patented MIMO Analyzer E100 Series is able to emulate several multipath environments and provide final results with one measurement, which is unheard of in the wireless communications arena,” said David A. Sanchez-Hernandez, CEO of EMITE Ing. “With unique easy mode and advanced features, acquiring the MIMO Analyzer will undoubtedly solve any MIMO research, design or testing needs, and we believe it brings MIMO measurements into a new era."

Key features include Plug and Play™ instrument, control for automatic GPIB measurements via USB to a PC, friendly MMMS™ Graphic User Interface (GUI), push and measure, automated configuration testing, PC-based platform with Windows Operating System, user manual and on-line assistance.

The launching campaign, scheduled for EuMW 2008, will include special pricing offers. Choose the unique intuitive MIMO Analyzer measurement equipment for cutting R&D and put-into-market costs. With EMITE Ing, your MIMO wishes are anticipated.

Please visit www.emite-ing.com for more information.