Agilent Technologies Inc. is demonstrating its newest test and measurement solutions that speed development and deployment for microwave, RF, wireless and radar at the 2008 European Microwave Conference, The Netherlands, October 27-31, Hall 3, stand 703. Featuring industry-leading performance and functionality, Agilent's test solutions enable R&D and manufacturing engineers, maintenance and service providers to develop and deliver innovative products for current and future requirements in this competitive market.

"As a leader in the measurement industry, Agilent delivers inventive test products and applications that allow engineers to speed-up their development and delivery to the demands in microwave, RF, wireless and radar applications," said Ron Nersesian, vice president of Agilent's Wireless Business Unit. "Our newest measurement solutions reinforce our commitment to empower engineers to stay at the forefront of these rapidly evolving technologies."

Agilent will showcase 21 demonstrations, including:

• Electronic system-level (ESL) design with Agilent’s SystemVue 2008, a new electronic design automation (EDA) platform. It cuts physical layer (PHY) design time in half for high-performance communications algorithms and system architectures, for both wireless and aerospace/defense applications. It is ideally suited to system architects of high-performance PHYs; to algorithm developers for emerging wireless PHYs, such as 3GPP LTE; and to aerospace/defense applications, such as software-defined radio (SDR), satellite communications and radar.

• Electromagnetic design with Agilent’s new EM Professional (EMPro) 3D EM design platform. EMPro has the most modern user interface available, along with high simulation capacity and integration with Agilent’s Advanced Design System for fast and efficient system and circuit design.

• Analysis and design of active components with the Agilent Nonlinear Vector Network Analyzer (NVNA). Based on the Agilent PNA-X, it provides industry-leading performance, accuracy and configurability to simplify test setups and gives detailed insight into designing nonlinear components including new nonlinear scattering parameters called X-parameters, and nonlinear pulse envelope domain capabilities. The NVNA capabilities can be linked with the Agilent ADS simulation environment to deliver a fast, accurate and powerful approach for the design of active devices.

• MIMO channel emulation and co-existence test with the Agilent N5106A PXB MIMO receiver tester. The Agilent PXB MIMO receiver tester transforms complex channel emulation up to 4x2 MIMO into a calibrated and repeatable test process for R&D engineers developing BTS or mobile receivers. The Agilent PXB supports all the major wireless standards, including WiMAX and LTE. Its capabilities make the new PXB ideal for R&D engineers developing and integrating MIMO receivers for 3GPP LTE, WiMAX™ and emerging wireless standards.

• MIMO- LTE and TDD-LTE signal analysis. The LTE standard continues to evolve. Agilent is keeping its commitment to track that evolution with its high performance signal analysis software and signal analyzers. Agilent’s advanced 89600 Series Vector Signal Analysis software and its high performance mid-range MXA signal analyzers will be featured demonstrating TDD (time division duplex) PHY layer analysis and a low cost high performance 2x2 MIMO FDD-LTE signal analysis solution.

• Semiconductor test and characterization using the powerful Agilent 5400 Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) with SMM Mode. It combines the comprehensive electrical measurement capabilities of the Agilent performance network analyzer (PNA) with the outstanding spatial resolution of the 5400 AFM and gives very accurate scanning capacitance measurement at nanoscale. In SMM Mode, it is capable of scanning areas up to 90m x 90m, and works on all semiconductors, including Si, Ge, III-V and II-VI.

• Microwave network analysis with the new industry-standard, the PNA-X network analyzer has a unique single-connection solution for CW and pulsed S-parameter, compression, IMD and noise figure measurements. Differential mm-wave measurements up to 0.5 THz; the first solution able to make four-port true differential measurement up to 0.5 THz. The PNX-A is transformed into a differential millimeter component measurement system with Agilent’s new mm-wave test set controllers.

• Antenna Test with the industry’s fastest measurement receiver, the Agilent PNA-X. It gives 30 percent faster data acquisition speed than any other antenna receiver on the market (400,000 data points per second simultaneously on each of the five receiver channels). Offering an optional Fast-CW mode enables a 500 million point data buffer that allows users to stream infinite amounts of data directly to the network.

• Wireless installation and maintenance (I&M) is addressed with Agilent’s new FieldFox RF Analyzer – the world’s most integrated handheld. Its key measurements include cable and antenna test from 2 MHz to 4/6 GHz, spectrum analysis from 100 kHz to 4/6 GHz, vector network analysis and true average power measurements. FieldFox is the first and only RF tool for base station I&M that is calibration-ready at the test port. It combines multiple RF measurement capabilities in one rugged, compact and lightweight package and can tackle complex wireless networks with test times that are more than 50 percent faster than traditional testers.