Newtec, an innovator in the satellite and communications industry, has announced that it has been selected by Gateway Communications, a provider of carrier and business network solutions in Africa, to provide an end to end IP trunking solution to increase the bandwidth efficiency of its intercontinental data links between Europe and Africa.

Previously, Gateway’s satellite links performed as independent SCPC point-to-point links using Turbo coding modulation products. By replacing these products with Newtec’s Elevation DVB-S2 system, Gateway has managed to achieve a 50 percent increase in satellite bandwidth efficiency. This success was made possible by combining several IP trunking signals for IP and GPRS services into one satellite carrier, allowing saturation of the transponder for maximum efficiency.

Newtec VP Professional Equipment Business Line Max d’Oreye said, “Newtec prides itself on providing the most innovative solutions to ensure maximum benefits for its customers. We offer our customers the most efficient end to end IP trunking solution available on the market. These solutions not only offer significant increase in bandwidth efficiency, using DVB-S2 Variable Coding and Modulation (VCM) technology, but also enables unprecedented enhancements in traffic encapsulation and traffic shaping.

“Additionally, what makes our approach to bandwidth optimization so desirable is the ability to implement DVB-S2 Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM). The combination of DVB-S2 ACM capabilities with traffic shaping and encapsulation creates a product range which maximizes throughput, and guarantees 100 percent availability of the link reception,” concluded d’Oreye.

Chris Young, CTO at Gateway, said, “The African market in which we focus has demands on satellite capacity which continue to outstrip supply. We welcome technologies that are able to increase the efficiency in our bandwidth allocation and improve the quality we offer to customers. Higher quality, lower operational costs and the significant bandwidth gains offered by Newtec’s DVB-S2 based solution has made it the obvious choice to assist Gateway in our accelerated growth plans.”

Across Africa and Europe, Newtec’s Elevation product deployments are emerging as the perfect solution for customers who want to increase data throughput and reduce operational expenses. With this new technology Gateway is now able to continue to develop, grow and meet customer demand.