Recognizing today’s imperative to provide succinct website content that addresses customers’ needs for real-time market and product information rather than simply projecting a company’s desired self-image, Rogers Corp. has unveiled a dynamic new site at

The standout new site has been designed to be customer-centric first and foremost, focusing on worldwide markets, product applications and Rogers’ specific products for those markets. Its most critical designed-in feature is its ability to provide streamlined links from markets to applications to products in order to help customers create innovative design solutions. The site aims to be attractive and extremely user-friendly for both new customers as well as established users of Rogers’ materials.

The homepage is dominated by a changing, animated centerpiece flash commercial to promote new product launches, design solutions, major trade shows and news from Rogers Corp. A navigation bar at the top of each website page features key headings that when clicked on open up a descending cascade of relevant subjects under that heading.

For example, click on Markets and a full list opens up; click on any given market and the market page opens with complete information on how Rogers serves that market, what are the applications for its materials, and what those materials are. In this way, design engineers can proceed swiftly from the market they’re designing products for, to what applications Rogers’ materials serve and what are the specific materials offerings available to them.

Of specific benefit to new visitors or those unfamiliar with Rogers are the quick tabs at the bottom of the homepage. Again the focus is on product solutions by markets. Click on Mobile & Consumer Electronics, for example, under the Electronics heading, and one is transported instantly to that page wherein specific product applications and Rogers’ materials can be found. Also to be found on each market page is a featured Rogers product focus and upcoming trade show events for that industry/market and Rogers’ exhibit booth number.

In addition to markets and products, the new site provides pathways for information on Rogers Corp., the company’s business units, news and events, worldwide locations, investor relations, careers with Rogers and instant feedback. Designed with expansion in mind, the site will grow as Rogers grows in the years ahead.

To take a speedy test drive of the site, go to