Rogers Corp.’s Advanced Circuit Materials Division (booth #7), a producer of high frequency materials, serving the antenna and short-range wireless industry, will feature its RO4000® and RO3000® antenna grade high frequency circuit materials at the upcoming Antenna Systems and Technology show in Austin, TX on September 25 and 26.

Available with both thick and thin cladding, cost-effective RO3000 and RO4000 laminates are antenna grade materials that feature low passive intermodulation (PIM), low loss and are ideal for use in antennas for 3G, WiMAX and LTE cellular base stations, satellite earth stations, GPS systems, and RFID readers.

With its higher thermal conductivity for increased power-handling capability, RO4000 laminates meet the needs of the antenna market for an enhanced-performance option to traditional PTFE materials. RO4000 materials are glass-reinforced hydrocarbon/ceramic laminates with excellent dimensional stability and tight dielectric-constant tolerance across the panel. Its low dielectric loss tangent helps deliver high-performance antenna designs reliably and consistently. Low-loss RO4000 materials can be used in many applications where higher operating frequencies limit the use of conventional circuit board laminates.

RO3000 series laminates are durable PTFE-based circuit materials with consistent mechanical properties. They combine lower loss and minimal variation in dielectric constant with a cost-effective price for commercial applications requiring higher performance. RO3000 materials can be used in applications through 40 GHz.