Boonton Electronics, a Wireless Telecom Group Company, introduced its new 4540 RF Power Meter Series. Wolfgang Damm, PhD, Product Management Director of Wireless Telecom Group Inc., stated, “We are very excited about the new 4540 RF Power Meter series. By incorporating advanced technology from our flagship product, the 4500B, we designed this smaller, lower priced power meter to address a wide range of customer needs and applications.”

Boonton’s power meters, commonly recognized as high precision instruments, reliable and with state of the art features, welcome two more family members: the 4541 and the 4542. The 4541 provides one measurement channel; the 4542 offers two channels. With these new precision instruments, customers have now an even wider selection of Boonton RF power meters, providing specific solutions to all customers’ measurement needs and budgets.

The new 4540 series, with prominent, large display, is the ideal instrument to capture, display and analyze RF signals in both time and statistical domains. 4541/42 power meters support a vast range of technologies, including but not limited to, RADAR, GSM, EDGE, CDMA, EvDo, UMTS, WiFi, WiMAX, LTE, CATV, OFDM, MIMO and many others.

While the pre-programmed settings of the 4540 series cover the important measurement settings required for different technologies, customers will appreciate the Auto Setup mode. In this mode, the best possible measurement settings to any given input signals are automatically detected and applied. Users who prefer numeric readings will also appreciate the flexibility of the new 4540 series, allowing them to select and to arbitrarily display over 30 different measurement parameters per channel. The statistical CCDF mode (Complementary Cumulative Distribution Function) can collect up to 4GSa (Giga samples) of data for very accurate analysis of random signals like CDMA or OFDM.

The 4540 family supports sensors up to 110 GHz with a power range of -70 to +44 dBm (CW) and -55 to +20 dBm (Peak). It provides a video bandwidth of 70 MHz, and processes input rise times of as fast as 7 ns. Obviously, these specifications depend on the sensors connected to the 4541/42 RF Power Meters. A time resolution of 200 ps allows users very detailed analysis of any trace. While the 4540 series comes with a build-in calibrator, it can also be connected to an external calibration source. Measurements can be triggered in a vast variety of ways via any of the channel inputs or through a related event via external trigger input.

The 4540 series comes standard with GPIB, USB, Ethernet (LAN) communication interfaces and allows to connect an external VGA monitor.