Narda, an L-3 Communications company, will showcase its advanced microwave integrated circuit (MIC) technology that combines microwave hybrid manufacturing with multilayer printed circuit boards and advanced digital devices in Booth 1600.

Narda's proprietary techniques enable higher levels of microwave, digital and analog functional integration than is achievable with traditional MIC techniques. They also allow higher levels of performance and reliability to be achieved, easier customization to meet specific customer requirements, and are well suited for low cost, high volume production. Many of the subsystems also include Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) for signal processing and temperature compensation, as well as digital implementation of functions typically performed using analog components.

Examples of the new products that will be demonstrated at IMS 2008 include:

Model 10512 programmable arbitrary waveform generator: A dual-channel signal source based on linearized VCOs that digitally creates arbitrary waveforms, rapidly modifies their characteristics and switches between channels in less than 15 ns.

DCA Series digitally-controlled attenuators: Deliver fast switching speed, full monotonicity, and low power consumption (50 mW) previously unavailable in a FET-based, switched-bit DCA. Available in two-bit, three-bit and six-bit models in frequency ranges of DC to 6 GHz or DC to 18 GHz. Resolution is 1 dB with ±0.25 dB accuracy and switching time is less than 90 ns between any two settings.

Model 10513 Ka-band 10 W "manpack" transmitter: A compact module that combines an even-harmonic I/Q vector modulator with a GaAs MMIC 50 dB variable gain block, 1 W driver and 10 W power amplifier, and operates from 28 VDC battery power.

Model 10514 Ka-band block upconverter/5 W power amplifier: Upconverts a 1-to-2 GHz L-band input signal to 30 to 31 GHz and produces minimum RF output power of 5 W. Output level control and monitoring coupler are integrated and digital temperature compensation is provided from -30° to +80°C.

Narda will also be displaying products based on its surface-mount (SMT) assembly technology, including:

Model 15172 L-band transceiver: Compact solution for military SATCOM systems that employs a 70 MHz IF that lets them interface with single-band, tri-band, or quad-band block converters. It upconverts or downconverts signals between the 70 MHz IF and the entire band from 950 MHz to 2 GHz, and can set the output frequency at any point within the band with step sizes as small as 20 kHz and as broad as 1 MHz. Phase noise performance exceeds MIL-STD-188-165A.

Model 10515 complex frequency generator: Designed for use as an LO generator in satellite communication terminals. With RF inputs of 4.9 and 6 GHz, it provides selectable outputs of 4.9, 6.95, 12.8 and 14.5 GHz.

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