Continuing to push the boundaries of high power radio frequency (RF) technology, Freescale Semiconductor has unveiled the world’s first 50 V LDMOS RF power transistor line-up for L-band radar applications. The line-up is ideal for a wide range of high power RF applications including air traffic management and long-range weather radar.

The RF product line includes the MRF6V14300H final stage device and the MRF6V10010N driver. The MRF6V14300H produces pulsed RF output power of 330 W at frequencies between 1200 and 1400 MHz and sets new standards for efficiency, gain and thermal resistance at this power level and frequency when compared to competing bipolar and field-effect transistor (FET) devices.

“With our new RF portfolio announcement, we now demonstrate the capability of 50 V LDMOS for avionics and radar applications at the L-band frequency of 1.2 to 1.4 GHz,” said Gavin Woods, vice president and general manager of Freescale’s RF Division. “Not only have we leveraged the exceptional capabilities of Freescale’s LDMOS technology, we also have set new RF performance standards in several key figures of merit.”

The advanced line of RF power transistors – the first in Freescale’s 50 V RF power LDMOS avionics and radar portfolio – provides competitive advantages, such as a standard voltage supply, low cooling costs and high reliability of pallet design for Freescale’s customers designing pulsed RF power opportunities in L-band frequencies. Future additions to Freescale’s radar and avionics portfolio, planned for announcement in the second half of this year, are expected to demonstrate gain, efficiency and thermal resistance characteristics that are designed to outperform other similar products in the market today.

The thermal resistance of Freescale’s MRF6V14300H device, packaged in a RoHS compliant, air-cavity ceramic package, is less than 0.12° C/W θJC, which is engineered to effectively manage heat dissipation and reduce heat sink size. The excellent thermal performance provides cooler junction temperature. The MRF6V10010N is in an over-molded plastic package, also offering significant thermal performance. When combined in a line-up, the result is low cooling costs and high reliability of a pallet design.

Key RF performance figures for the MRF6V14300H include 1200 to 1400 MHz frequency range, 330 W peak output power (at 1400 MHz, 300 μsec pulse width, 12 percent duty cycle), 17 dB gain and 60 percent drain efficiency. In particular, the 60 percent drain efficiency is engineered to a minimum 10 percentage points higher than competing devices. The MRF6V10010N delivers 8 W peak output power (at 1400 MHz, 300°s, 12 percent duty cycle), 22 dB gain and 60 percent drain efficiency.

Like other devices in Freescale’s 50 V LDMOS family, these advanced devices incorporate electrostatic-discharge (ESD) protection to help reduce their susceptibility to electrostatic events on assembly sites. This ESD protection enables a wide gate voltage swing capability of -6 V and +10 V, which is advantageous when the devices are operating in higher efficiency classes such as Class C.

The RF devices are based on Freescale’s sixth-generation, very high-voltage (VHV6) 50 V LDMOS technology. Commercialized for the first time by Freescale, the 50 V VHV6 LDMOS platform demonstrates industry-leading gain and efficiency. When combined with innovations in device packaging and thermal management, VHV6 technology helps reduce device count and lower system costs through increases in rated power per transistor.

With more than four decades of RF power experience and as the leading supplier of RF power devices (source: Allied Business Intelligence), Freescale has delivered more than 4 billion watts for high-power applications to date. Freescale’s long history of delivering innovative, highly reliable and cost-effective RF solutions enables designers to accelerate their designs to succeed in a dynamic market, while helping to ensure ample supplies from a company that offers long-term volume shipments.

The MRF6V10010N is sampling now and in production. The MRF6V14300H is sampling, and full production is expected in Q3 2008. A broadband reference text fixture for the MRF6V14300H is available. Large-signal models are expected to be available for both devices in late 2008.

For a live demonstration of the RF line-up, visit the Freescale Booth 915 at IMS/MMT 2008, June 17-19.