QinetiQ, as part of the KAIROS Consortium, which L-3 Communications leads and also includes LogicaCMG, has been awarded a share in a £1 M, 10-month UK MoD contract for the Assessment Phase of Project LISTENER, for risk reduction and solution definition. The Project integrates sensor products in order to provide actionable intelligence against selected targets and to achieve interoperability between UK Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR), and US and Coalition systems and networks, and aims to dramatically improve target location accuracy, timeliness and combat identification for the war fighter. Main Gate approval is expected in 2009 for follow-on demonstration and manufacturing through 2015.

L-3 will be prime contractor, providing programme management, airborne platform integration, and systems engineering for requirements development and test and evaluation. QinetiQ is leading in the areas of land and sea platform integration, human factors, training and operational analysis, and is involved in architecture and technology development. LogicaCMG will look at integrated logistics support, security and communications, and L-3 has committed to perform at least 60 percent of the LISTENER effort in the UK.

“Project LISTENER is blazing the trail for UK network-enabled capability,” said Bob Drewes, president of L-3’s Integrated Systems Group. “It takes advantage of our success in fielding the Network Centric Collaborative Targeting capability, modified for the UK collection, processing, dissemination and security context.”