W.L. Gore & Associates has extended its microwave/RF assembly offerings with the GORE™ 100 Series Assemblies. Flexible and semi-rigid assemblies as small as 0.047" (1.2 mm) are available and can fit on less than 0.085" (2.2 mm) centers. The connectors are specifically designed for use on devices where critical signals must reach tightly-spaced connection points.

“The small size of GORE 100 Series Assembly connectors enable devices to be smaller, lighter weight and less expensive,” said Chris Beronio, global product manager for RF/Microwave Test Assemblies. “The smaller size assembly supports higher frequencies enabling future system upgrades.”

GORE 100 Connectors, an extension of the SMP and SMPM connector families, were developed as a response to the industry’s demand for increased packaging density, low mass and increased performance at higher frequencies. The blindmate interfaces are robust, durable and lightweight.

The connectors accommodate both radial and axial misalignment with negligible VSWR change. A full portfolio of GORE 100 Series Connectors, including test adapters, is also available to help RF designers save weight, reduce the size and improve the performance of their devices.