The Euroradar Captor Active Electronically Scanned Array Radar (CAESAR) variant of the successful CAPTOR radar system has successfully completed a flight test program in the Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft. EADS conducted the flights from the Manching facility in Germany.

The CAESAR system is an active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar demonstrator developed and funded by the Euroradar consortium consisting of SELEX Sensors & Airborne Systems (S&AS), Galileo Avionica of Italy, EADS Defence Electronics of Germany and INDRA of Spain. CAESAR enables AESA capability to be fully exploited, while retaining all features and capabilities of the original CAPTOR radar system.

Installation and flight testing in the Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft was completed under a funded program from the German government.

The successful test flights prove the high level of technological readiness of the AESA upgrade of the CAPTOR radar as well as the ease of integration into the complex avionics system.

Euroradar’s Board of Directors chairman, Andrew Cowdery, said, "This is a very important achievement of Euroradar. Having successfully proven the technology, Euroradar is now ready to take the CAESAR upgrade package to a fully productionised standard."