Agilent Technologies Inc. announced the release of the first commercially available High-Speed Inter-Chip (HSIC) compliance test software for real-time oscilloscopes. The software automatically tests HSIC signals according to HSIC specifications.

The Agilent U7248A HSIC test software offers the first electrical compliance test solution for HSIC signals. In conjunction with Agilent’s N5464B USB protocol triggering and decoding software, the new U7248A software provides industry-leading debug and test capabilities that enable HSIC product developers to validate HSIC electrical and protocol compliance.

HSIC digital buses enable designers to use USB technology for low-power, chip-to-chip interconnects at speeds up to 480 MB/sec. The technology reduces the complexity, cost and power consumption of electronic devices and lowers manufacturing risks.

The U7248A HSIC compliance test software includes a full suite of HSIC physical-layer tests, including: data eye and mask testing; rise and fall time measurements; packet parameters; and bus state timing measurements.

The new software is compatible with Agilent’s 90000X, 90000 and 9000 Series Infiniium oscilloscopes with operating software revision 3.10 or higher.