Raytheon Co. is expanding its Reliability Analysis Laboratory (RAL) technical offerings with the incorporation of reliability engineering consulting services. Reliability is a core feature that can make or break the long term success of both products and companies.

Design for Reliability (DFR) engineering tasks are just as important as development engineering tasks in keeping repairs and warranty expenses low and thus profits, product quality and customer satisfaction high.

Raytheon's experience in reliability engineering is extensive in the areas of problem solving, program planning, product and system modeling, testing failure analysis, process improvement and field data analysis for large and small programs, both in the government and commercial sectors. "Planning for product reliability is just as important as planning for a product's design and manufacturing. The amount of product reliability must be in proportion to a product's usage and warranty goals. Too much reliability and the product will be too expensive. Too little reliability and the warranty and repairs costs will be high," said Bill Tice, RAL's department manager.

Joe Dzekevich, the RAL's reliability engineering lead added, "Reliability is especially important to start-up companies, which have to go to market quickly with a reliable product or go out of business. Up-front DFR methodologies are a good way to get there ahead of your competition or to maintain a lead."

The added reliability engineering services will encompass areas such as reliability program planning; reliability and maintainability predictions; system redundancy and availability modeling; failure mode prediction and analysis and accelerated stress test planning and analysis. "Add to these reliability engineering services RAL's already extensive failure analysis capabilities and one now has a premier one-stop shopping solution for reliability engineering needs," Tice said.

For more information on Raytheon's complete set of reliability engineering services, visit the RAL's Web site located at: http://www.reliabilityanalysislab.com.