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First Things First:

The RF to Light 100 rose 0.2% last week to 2546. NASDAQ, Dow and S' all down less than 1%. The RF semiconductor market is leading this year with +8% YTD while the fiber optic market is down 3%.

Anadigic's stock surged 23% after an investment fund manager, Michael Cahill, forecasts explosive profit growth. Mr. Cahill owns 11.5% of Anadigic's stock. Micrel's 4Q profit fell - stock up 16%. Nortel to cut almost 10% of workforce - 4Q revenues up 9%. Alcatel-Lucent hinted at further job cuts - 4Q operating profit and revenues down. Northrop/Airbus bid for US tanker fleet against Boeing.

In the News:

World equity markets reached new highs despite concern of global growth and inflation. Global economic growth pointed to a two-speed economy, i.e. the service sector expansion outpaced that of sluggish manufacturing. Output increased faster than new orders. In the US, the growth rate of the WLI declined to 4.0% from 4.7%. New orders decreased compared to December and order backlog contracted for the 5th consecutive month.

PIS (personal investment system):

5 year lows : Exar, Zhone, Maxim, Bookham,Verizon. 3Com Corp. exited.
2 year lows : Alltel joined, Qualcomm, Sycamore, Alcatel-Lucent exited.
5 year highs : Atheros joined.
2 year highs : MRV joined, Tyco exited.

New Highs:


New Lows:


Top Five:

Last Week:

Anadigics (23%), Micrel (16%), Anaren (9%), Vitesse (9%), Nortel (7%)

Year to Date:

Memc (36%), Anadigics (26%), Harmonic (25%), Spectrum (24%), Endwave (22%)

Bottom Five:

Last Week:

Oplink (-8%), ATC (-7%), Triquint (-6%), Tyco (-6%), Maxim (-6%)

Year to Date:

Bookham (-39%), Oplink (-17%), Rogers (-14%), Powerwave (-13%), Ericsson (-10%)

For the week of February 12th

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The RF to Light 100 is an abstract of the RF to Light 100 Pulse of the Industry Report, produced by industry veteran Gunter Vorlop.

The full report includes extensive economic data covering 100 public companies operating in markets that include space & defense, communications services, network systems, RF semiconductors, RF components and F/O components. It includes 12 spreadsheets with charts that are updated weekly, providing financial insight into the microwave industry for investors and corporate managers.

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Views and data expressed herein are solely those of Mr. Vorlop and not of his employer, Presidio Components Inc. nor those of Microwave Journal.

By Sectors:

Space & Defense:

+1%,YTD +5%

Communic. Services:

-2%, YTD 0%

Network Systems :

+1%, YTD +1%

RF Semiconductors:

+1%, YTD +8%

RF Components:

0%, YTD -1%

F/O Components:

-1%, YTD -3%


0%, YTD +2%