Cubic Corporation announced that its microelectronics business, Nuvotronics, will be exhibiting at the IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium June 16-21 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC. Nuvotronics, is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of mmWave and RF components for space, defense and test and measurement markets.

“PolyStrata® is a great technology,” said Jonathan Hill, product manager of MDA Space Ltd, a trusted mission partner to the rapidly expanding global space industry. “For mmWave filters it enables better rejection and losses compared to other technologies like MMIC, ceramic or PCB filters of similar size and the performance is extremely repeatable.”

“Our revolutionary mmWave components and PolyStrata® packaging technology deliver significant and relevant performance advantages,” said Michael Peña, head of sales at Nuvotronics. “Our devices provide superior high-frequency performance, reduced size and weight, lower costs and a repeatable, precision manufacturing process reducing time to market.”

  • Filters:  Provide narrowband machined filter or wideband performance, employing the PolyStrata® suspended substrate technology in an easy to integrate surface mount form factor with a 100x smaller volume than conventional low-loss filters.
  • Combiners:  Provide superior performance for solid state power amplifiers for both ultra-broadband and mmWave applications. Delivered in a surface mount form factor, 100x smaller volume at 1 percent of the weight compared to conventional waveguide combiners.
  • Couplers:  Provide dramatic size, weight and performance advantages in surface mount form factors with a 6–10x size reduction.
  • PolyStrata® mmWave Packaging Technology:  Provide low-loss interconnects to packaged MMIC and PCB transmission lines with ultra-wideband performance (15 to +100 GHz) and high thermal connectivity (400 W/m.K). The patented PolyStrata® process, uses a unique 3D additive manufacturing copper air-dielectric process to create mmWave devices with an unprecedented level of RF performance, integration and miniaturization, achieving a 10x to 100x improvement in size, weight and power.