Quantic PMI Model ERDLVA-218-CW-75MV-93 is a CW immune extended range detector log video amplifier (ERDLVA) that operates between the 2 to 18 GHz frequency range with a log slope of 75 mV/dB and rise time of 25 ns. Other specifications include VSWR of 2.5:1 up to -20 dBm; CW RF Input levels of +23 dBm minimum; video output TSS -42 dBm; video output dynamic range -40 to +20 dBm; video output log linearity ±1.5 dB; and video output rise time: 25 ns. Housing size is 2.90" x 2.30" x 0.50" with SMA female connectors.  https://www.quanticpmi.com/product-details/erdlva-218-cw-75mv-93