Software Radio Systems (SRS), the full-stack 5G RAN software specialist, has announced the successful integration, test and validation of the srsRAN Enterprise 5G stack with the Picocom L1 for small cells. The complete integrated small cell runs on Picocom’s PC802 small cell development board.  

This announcement, made at Small Cells World Summit in London, builds upon SRS’s previous integrations with the Picocom ORANIC in-line PHY and NIC, and with the PC802-based Split 7.2 RU, showcased at MWC24. Now, with the srsRAN L2 and L3 stack running on the Picocom small cell board, with a FAPI interface to the Picocom L1, SRS customers can deploy the same RAN software with the best hardware configuration for their requirements, whether O-RAN, vRAN or fully integrated.

srsRAN Enterprise 5G is a complete 5G RAN stack featuring layers 1/2/3 developed entirely in-house by the SRS team. Fully portable across processor architectures, the srsRAN solution is highly modular with clean interfaces supporting split 2, split 6, split 7.2, split 8 and integrated small cell deployment configurations.

Paul Sutton, CEO at SRS, said, "Since 2014, SRS has built a world-leading track record in the design and delivery of complete 4G and 5G RAN solutions for the most demanding deployment scenarios, including terrestrial, airborne and satellite systems. I'm delighted to have collaborated with Picocom on the full range of deployment-ready solutions for 5G RAN. Picocom SoCs offer world-leading power efficiency and modularity and we are delighted with the speed at which we've been able to successfully integrate, validate and demonstrate the srsRAN Enterprise 5G stack on the Picocom platforms."

Peter Claydon, Picocom President, said, “In the fast-moving spaces of Open RAN and Private and Neutral Host networks, agility is crucial to gaining commercial advantage, and the speed with which SRS has integrated with Picocom’s hardware has been nothing short of phenomenal. For our joint customers, this partnership represents a win-win, with deployment options across the Picocom PC802 product range. We are delighted to welcome SRS to our list of partners, and excited for what the future holds.”

srsRAN Enterprise 5G in conjunction with Picocom’s small cell hardware platforms is available now for trials and deployments.