Radientum, a leading Finnish antenna design house, returns to Embedded World 24, held in Nuremberg, Germany, from April 9 to 11. Over the past few years, Radientum has experienced significant growth, expanding its design-focused service portfolio to include EMC/EMI solutions, hardware design and consulting services.

At Embedded World 24, Radientum will showcase its latest breakthroughs in antenna technology, offering attendees a glimpse into the future of wireless connectivity. Located at booth 3-520 in Hall 3, visitors will have the opportunity to experience Radientum's groundbreaking innovations firsthand.

Highlighted among these innovations are the completely transparent antennas, presenting a glass-like appearance without compromising performance. Attendees can also find textile antennas, offering a tactile experience of tomorrow's wireless devices. Additionally, Radientum will present its lineup of 3D-printed antenna samples, providing streamlined solutions to product design challenges.

"These advancements empower product designers to unleash their creativity and develop more versatile, innovative products," says Mikko Parkkila, CMO at Radientum.

"We are excited to share our latest developments with the attendees of Embedded World 24 and demonstrate how our solutions can drive the future of wireless connectivity."

Visit Radientum at booth 3-520 in Hall 3 at Embedded World 24 to explore the forefront of antenna technology and discover how Radientum is shaping the future of wireless connectivity.