iBwave Solutions, an industry-leading software provider for in-building wireless network surveys and design, unveiled a set of software enhancements that will enable a remarkable advance in network design speed. With these performance enhancements, iBwave's software now empowers network professionals to design wireless networks up to 2.5X faster than before while maintaining the highest prediction accuracy. This solution enables network designers to save up to 10 hours on designing wireless projects.

The Challenge: Complex and Time-Consuming Network Designs

Designing wireless networks can be a complex and time-consuming process, with designers often grappling with the choice between speed and accuracy. Traditional design methods were often slow or inaccurate, forcing designers to make compromises that hindered their ability to meet growing connectivity demands.

iBwave’s latest enhancements shatter this paradigm so that network designers no longer need to choose between fast or accurate network designs.

A Leap Forward in Network Design

Version 21 of iBwave Design represents a true turning point. Now, network designers can expect:

  • Unprecedented Time Savings: Particularly advantageous for large and complex venues, iBwave's enhancements significantly reduce calculation times, file loading times and prediction times.
  • Up to 39x faster calculation times
  • Up to 2.3x faster predictions
  • Up to 19x faster file load
  • Up to 2x faster file save
  • Up to 3x smaller file size

Enhanced User Experience: iBwave's enhancements provide network designers with comprehensive control over calculations and predictions, enabling them to fine-tune their designs with precision. Features like cancelling and skipping calculations, pausing predictions and seamless license renewals enable designers to streamline their workflow, optimizing their processes and making the entire design experience much easier.

According to Louis Jacob, CTO of iBwave Solutions, ”Out in the field, what we’ve been hearing from our customers is that they look forward to our regular feature enhancements to streamline the network design process, but enhancements that shave off hours of any given project are a game changer for them. We’ve been working diligently to deliver that. And this is just the beginning. iBwave's journey to simplify the lives of network designers remains unwavering.”