Peraso Inc. announced an order for its Perspectus mmWave antenna modules that support the DUNE platform, demonstrating the company’s ability to address broadband infrastructure challenges in informal settlements.

The DUNE platform implements intelligent Media Access Control features, which, along with the Perspectus series of modules, enable wireless Internet service provider operators to deploy long range, multi-point networks without interference in dense user environments. Peraso’s latest mmWave antenna module, the PRM2144X, is specifically designed for dense urban areas. A novel 128 element, integrated, phased array antenna, provides high gain, narrow beamwidth and extremely low antenna side-lobes. The increased gain and range also benefit suburban and rural deployments, eliminating the need for dish antennas in many cases.

"We are very excited about our latest partnership and our opportunity to demonstrate our ability to deliver reliable wireless infrastructure to dense informal settlements at an affordable price point,” said Ron Glibbery, CEO of Peraso. “With technology constantly evolving, networks are only getting more congested by the day; however, we believe our license free 60 GHz network solutions will help expand internet access in dense environments.”

Peraso’s Perspectus products provide a complete, multi-gigabit, wireless transceiver supporting SuperSpeed USB data connectivity and the IEEE 8021.11ad wireless protocol over the entire 60GHz band from 57 to 71 GHz. The PRM2144X modules are fully tested and ready to integrate. Factory adjustments are not required, as all calibration is performed at run-time.