Responding to increased demand from commercial satellite operators and government organisations, QinetiQ is launching a European satellite interference geolocation service. This service will assist in the fight against malicious or accidental disruption to satellite communications services. Hosted in the UK and operating on a 24/7 basis the service will allow customers to rapidly identify, and accurately locate, the source of interference to their satellites.

Provided on a pay-as-you-go annual contract the service is based on QinetiQ’s state-of-the-art satID® system and exploits advanced patented techniques to deliver a highly accurate and fast service. The company has already secured its first European customer for the service, which mirrors a similar geolocation operation based in Singapore and serving Asia.

Rob Rideout, QinetiQ’s satID Business Group manager, said: “This European service launch will complement our existing Asian service and provide customers with access to a dedicated geolocation service capability that is unique in Europe. We now provide a cost-effective, service-based alternative to satellite operators who do not wish to commit to purchasing a system but still want to promote a satellite communications service that includes the added protection and piece of mind of a geolocation capability.”