Aethertek, a leading FR2 solution provider, is making significant strides in elevating the capabilities of 5G mmWave technology at the International Microwave Symposium (IMS) held in San Diego.

Shaping the Future of 5G Networks

To revolutionize the 5G landscape, Aethertek is unveiling its latest Frequency Range 2 (FR2) 5G mmWave technology at IMS2023. The company stands out for its extensive selection of 5G solutions, which leverage its cutting-edge mmWave antenna-in-module (AiM), alongside its reliable testing solutions and production-oriented design methodology.

Revolutionary Dual-Pol mmWave AiM

Attendees at IMS can witness captivating live demonstrations featuring a range of noteworthy Aethertek products. Among them, the groundbreaking AiM takes center stage, transforming lower-frequency radio units into formidable FR2 mmWave 5G-capable devices. Our pioneering dual polarization AiM has a top-notch power output of 47 dBm EIRP with exceptional transmission quality of EVM under 5 percent.

Thanks to its advanced beamforming and beam steering capabilities, this innovation effectively mitigates the common challenge of signal loss in FR2 5G caused by obstacles like walls, materials and even living organisms. Designed for indoor and semi-outdoor environments, such as train stations, the AiM serves as an

optimal solution for the telecommunications industry and companies seeking to upgrade their existing equipment. Aethertek is actively working on reducing the module's size and significantly minimizing power consumption, leading to substantial energy and cost savings.