Rohde & Schwarz announced the launch of the R&S CA210DNG (Detector Next Generation) deep learning high frequency (HF) signal detection solution. It uses next generation artificial intelligence (AI) technology to expand on the R&S CA210 signal analysis software from Rohde & Schwarz.

Rohde & Schwarz has acquired AI capabilities over the years to improve the performance and usability of the product suite. In modern communications intelligence (COMINT), reliable fully automatic HF signal scenario processing is becoming increasingly important.

R&S CA210DNG automatically performs most routine COMINT tasks, so that analysts can focus on important intelligence work. The deep learning AI technology in the new solution improves detection in dense HF signal scenarios, where state-of-the-art analytic spectral energy-based detectors are at their performance limits. The detector can pick up amplitude modulation, single sideband and carrier signals with higher reliability than pure energy detectors. The improvement is very interesting for COMINT operators who deal with fully automatic HF signal interception in wideband HF signal scenarios.