Amphenol RF introduced SMA and TNC to MHF® I LK locking cable assemblies on ultra-flexible 1.13 mmmicro-coax cable. These pre-configured assemblies offer excellent vibration resistance for applications that may experience continuous shock and movement. The MHF® I LK connector uses a mechanical locking feature which increases the plug retention force ensuring a reliable and stable connection. The MHF® I LK connector is compatible with our existing line of AMC connectors. 

These 50 ohm cable assemblies are available in IP67 and non-IP rated SMA, RP-SMA, TNC and RP-TNC configurations in various standard lengths from 50 to 400 mm. Custom lengths are available upon request. SMA connectors are constructed with gold-plated brass bodies and gold-plated, beryllium copper contacts. TNC connectors are manufactured with nickel-plated brass bodies and gold-plated brass contacts. The front mount bulkhead connectors that are utilized in some of the configurations create resistance to tampering for publicly accessible systems utilizing a flange on the outside of the device’s enclosure and mounting hardware enclosed inside the box. Rear mount connectors are also available. 

The combination of these robust and durable RF interfaces on flexible coax cable makes them well-suited for emerging industrial automation, RFID and GPS technology. The unique locking and secure mating capabilities of this assembly help to mitigate the risk of unmating in hazardous industrial environments. Many configurations of this assembly are able to support higher frequency Wi-Fi 6E applications.