Harris Corp. has introduced the RF-300U, its Secure Personal Radio (SPR) to the worldwide market. The radio system provides secure, digitized voice and data communications to the individual soldier and fits seamlessly into a variety of network-centric systems, including those based on the highly successful Harris Falcon® II family of tactical radios. The system features selectable high grade encryption, and its 350 to 450 MHz frequency band provides worldwide coverage and excellent range in both urban and rural environments.

“The SPR’s small, lightweight design fits easily in a pocket and offers completely automatic and hands-free operation,” said Steve Marschilok, vice president and general manager of Harris International Products and Systems. “It offers both traditional narrowband communication, as well as a sophisticated wideband waveform that provide secure, full-duplex voice conferencing, situational awareness and high speed data. The flexibility of the new SPR helps to bring greater command and control capability to the squad level and to the individual soldier.”

The radio is designed for highly integrated C4I capability, incorporating a Global Positioning System receiver and standard USB interfacing, allowing easy-to-use position tracking and messaging services while reducing the load carried by the soldier. All transmissions are secured by standard AES or customer-unique Citadel® digital encryption that protect tactically relevant command and situational information from eavesdroppers. The SPR’s unique wireless network does not require infrastructure and provides reliable communication even where backbone and trunk services are not available.