The continuous growth of radio and cellular networks means increases in data traffic and data rates, driving the need for high performance measurement technology. Analyzing and verifying components and the network are important tasks during the development phase. High frequency vector network analyzers (VNAs) are the key measuring device for this work.

The SNA5000A Series VNAs can analyze 2-port devices up to 26.5 GHz and 4-port devices up to 8.5 GHz. All single-ended and differential S-parameter measurements are available by pressing a button. The 125 dB dynamic range allows, for example, a precise analysis of the stopband of a filter without losing sight of the passband. The flexible multi-window function combined with a 12-in. touchscreen enables a concise representation of all results on one screen. Bias tee inputs simplify the setup to characterize devices that need DC-bias voltage.

The SNA500A series also includes multiple options for key applications. An optional scalar mixer measurement (SMM) mode makes analyzing frequency conversion devices like mixers easy and fast. The analyzer series offers enhanced time-domain analysis as an option to further increase this flexibility. This mode allows an eye diagram to be displayed and it supports jitter performance measurements. This option makes the analyzer well-suited for cable and connector performance characterization measurements. The SNA5000A series can also be equipped with a spectrum analysis mode, which can be used in parallel on every port. The advanced and intuitive user interface and versatile capabilities make the SNA5000A a great choice for every bench while its solid RF performance, ease of use and convenient size make it great for everyday RF testing.

SIGLENT Technologies
Solon, Ohio