TTP, an independent technology and product development company based in the U.K., announced that it has integrated its satellite and systems design expertise with tools from Keysight Technologies Inc. to provide a 5G non-terrestrial network (NTN) ‘digital twin’ modelling and emulation environment.

TTP is integrating its proprietary lab testing tools with Keysight’s PropSim Channel emulator and EXata network modelling suite, in addition to Ansys STK, a physics-based modelling environment. This enables TTP to offer a complete 5G NTN digital twin modelling, emulation and validation solution that satellite operators, device manufacturers, app developers, MNOs and network infrastructure providers can use to establish how their products and services will interoperate with the NTN network. They can then refine and optimise their offerings accordingly. The digital twin and lab emulation platform will be demonstrated by TTP and Keysight at MWC23, at TTP’s booth (U.K. trade pavilion, Hall 7, booth 7B21).

The testing environment can help validate solutions against 3GPP Release 17 NTN specifications. This includes end-to-end coverage of user terminal and antenna designs, satellite link budgets, regenerative payloads, ground stations and 5G core network components. The digital twin also includes full environmental modelling with detailed terrain analysis for real-time protocol measurements, real-time physics-based analysis and user application modelling.

Peng Cao, vice president and general manager of Keysight's wireless test group, said, “Keysight’s digital twin solutions offer significant advantages to network operators in quickly rolling out technologies because they can be used to test the behaviour of their physical counterparts under diverse operating conditions. With this integration Keysight is enabling TTP to help the telecoms and satellite ecosystem bring NTN technology to the market faster.”

Adrian Hillier, next generation market lead, TTP plc, said, “By working closely with Keysight, we have positioned TTP at the forefront of 5G NTN systems analysis. Using the digital twin, TTP’s radio engineering capabilities and Keysight’s testing and modelling technology, our clients and partners can explore system configurations for regenerative payloads, model inter-satellite handover and terrestrial and non-terrestrial interactions, and ultimately, measure the quality of service experience for upcoming NTNs.

“The digital twin that we have created with Keysight will enable us to fine-tune 5G NTN innovation, ensuring more efficient satellite network deployments in the near future.”