MACOM has signed a definitive agreement to acquire assets and operations of OMMIC SAS. OMMIC SAS, located in Limeil-Brévannes, France, (20 km outside Paris) with approximately 100 employees, focuses in MOCVD epitaxial growth, expertise in wafer processing, fabrication and IC design; sub-100 nm GaAs and GaN processes in production; industry leading mmWave products; and has 40+ years’ experience in GaAs and GaN process development.

MACOM’s strategic rationale expands their technology portfolio with advanced semiconductor processes and products. It also increases wafer manufacturing with installed 6 in. capabilities, strengthens European footprint and access to customers and markets and has potential to expand SAM by approximately $100M.

Customers, Products and Markets

  • Direct sales and relations with telecommunications, industrial, aerospace and defense customers
  • Product research and development, sales and foundry services
  • European Space Agency qualified products and processes
  • High performance MMICs, including portfolio of industry leading mmWave low noise and power amplifiers, true time delay and phase shifter products.

“We are excited to acquire a new engineering and manufacturing facility located in France,” stated Stephen G. Daly, president and chief executive officer. “The acquisition of OMMIC is expected to enable us to further increase our focus on the European markets, expand our wafer production capability and extend our product offerings to higher mmWave frequencies which are all in line with our long-term strategy. We believe that combining OMMIC’s technology and manufacturing capability with MACOM’s scale and market presence will be a driver of long-term growth and profitability.”