Maury Microwave announced the latest release of its MTUNE Tuner Characterization and Control Software.

MTUNE is a software package that allows device calibration/characterization and control of multiple tuner configurations for automated impedance tuning. It may be used in any application requiring the ability to match the impedance of a microwave circuit element or to establish specific impedances at a terminal interface at various frequencies. The software provides a standalone server for remote communication for advanced use as well as interactive user interface to guide the user through the calibration and tuning process.


Software Features

  • Desktop and cloud-based applications enhances user flexibility
  • Modern wizard-driven GUI with support for most commercial VNAs
  • Automatic instrument identification for easy setup
  • Stay up-to-date with software update reminders
  • Enhanced user support with direct ticketing and error logging.

New and Updated Capabilities

  • Faster multi-frequency tuner characterization
  • New tuner characterization validation process
  • Enhanced frequency interpolation
  • New non-harmonically related multi-frequency impedance tuning.

Maury3-12-14-22.jpgMTUNE is available at no charge to customers using MT-series and XT-series automated impedance tuners with embedded controllers.