Following the original announcement in June, the EU commission has approved Saab’s takeover of the former Ericsson microwave company and the formation of the new business unit, Saab Microwave Systems. It has approximately 1250 employees and the business unit now forms part of the Systems and Products business segment within Saab. It has over 50 years of experience within radar development and has supplied more than 3000 radar systems in over 30 countries. This creates new and sustainable business opportunities for Saab.

Saab Microwave Systems supplies radar systems for the Gripen fighter and the acquisition enables the company to create scope of action to secure continued development of the Gripen programme. Moreover, the advanced airborne surveillance system, complete with the company’s Erieye radar for Saab 2000 aircraft, is already established on the international market.

“The acquisition of Saab Microwave Systems is a strategically important, long-term deal and one of the most important in Saab’s history,” said Åke Svensson, Saab CEO. “It gives us access to unique know-how in sensor technology.”