Altum RF, a supplier of high performance RF to mmWave semiconductor solutions for next generation markets and applications, introduces in collaboration with TNO a 400 Watt S-Band power amplifier MMIC, using WIN Semiconductors’ NP45-11 technology. Operating between 2.8 to 3.3 GHz, this amplifier delivers an output power of 400 W and a PAE between 50 to 55 percent and is ideally suited for S-band radar applications. WIN Semiconductors' NP45-11 process is a 0.45 μm RF GaN-on-SiC HEMT technology manufactured with enhanced moisture protection, enabling the use of a plastic package.  

Altum RF’s strategic relationship with TNO results in leading-edge RF to mmWave products and technology for commercial markets and applications. This collaboration allows Altum RF to commercialize some of the unique technical capabilities of TNO, an industry-leading global research institute with an impressive history of innovation.  

“It is a privilege to collaborate with these two outstanding organizations, and we are excited to develop new, innovative technologies that significantly enhance performance capabilities for S-Band radar,” stated Niels Kramer, Altum RF managing director Europe and vice president of marketing. “We are looking forward to industrializing this innovative S-Band technology, and we see this as a logical extension of our catalog. Altum RF continues its strategic focus to expand our product portfolio from X-Band and beyond.” 

“Building on more than 30 years of leading-edge phased-array HPA research, it is impressive to see the outstanding performance this S-Band power amplifier can achieve, using WIN Semiconductors’ advanced GaN technology, and we are equally excited about the ability to commercialize it with Altum RF,” stated Kemo Agovic, market director Information and Sensor Systems at TNO. “We expect even more innovations in the future with this solid strategic partnership.” 

David Danzilio, senior vice president, Technology and Strategic Marketing at WIN Semiconductors added, “WIN Semiconductors is thrilled to support the commercialization of this S-Band high power amplifier. Both Altum RF and TNO have extensive experience using WIN’s compound semiconductor technologies to achieve market leading performance, and we are delighted to be the RF GaN technology partner for this new product.” 

Altum RF is an international company, with strategic partnerships and office locations that span the globe to support its growing product portfolio and permit a variety of design projects based on customer requirements.