This is the 25th anniversary of European Microwave Week (EuMW) as this year’s event takes place in Milan 25-30 September. The last time the event was in Milan was 20 years ago in 2002. Milan is the business and financial center of Italy along with a long history of creativity so offers a great setting to host EuMW 2022. The venue is Milano Convention Center (MiCo) so there is a wide range of transport options available for travel to MiCo Milan – air, rail network, tube, and cable car or walking/cycling. 

The theme for EuMW 2022 is “Creative Microwaves” – as colleagues and fellow professionals can be inspired by Milan, as it happened to Leonardo da Vinci during the years that he worked in this vibrant European city creating some of his masterpieces. This is the reason that theDomoMilano4.jpg Vitruvian Man was chosen for the logo of EuMW 2022. The event is made up of three co-located conferences:

  • The European Microwave Conference (EuMC)
  • The European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference (EuMIC)
  • The European Radar Conference (EuRAD)

In addition, EuMW 2022 includes The Forum on Defence, Security and Space, The Automotive Forum, The From 5G to 6G Forum and the industry exhibition. EuMW 2022 provides the opportunity to participate in conferences, workshops, short courses and special sessions. 


With a large number of submissions, close to 600 regular papers, and an acceptance rate of 66%, the Technical Program Committee was able to form 75 regular sessions, 7 focused sessions, and five poster sessions according to General TPC Chair, Maurizio Bozzi. In addition, there are five special sessions: one special session in Memoriam of Prof. Vittorio Rizzoli, one organized in collaboration with the European Association on Antennas and Propagation, and three geographical special sessions (devoted to the microwave research in Asia Pacific region, India, and North Africa). The program also includes two inter-society technology panels, organized in collaboration with the IEEE Microwave Theory and Technology Society (MTT-S): one panel is devoted to biomedical applications and the other is related to emerging materials, and both panels feature worldwide known authorities with different scientific background, ready for stimulating discussions with the audience.

Six opening and closing sessions complete the program, leading to the total round number of 100 technical sessions. The conference program includes technical sessions on traditional topics (like filters, power amplifiers, and antennas) as well as sessions on emerging technologies (like multi-physics modeling, additive manufacturing, THz systems, and automotive radars). 

The EuMC takes place 27-29 September and is Europe’s largest conference dedicated to microwave, mmWave and terahertz devices, systems and technologies and will give you opportunities to share and discuss your recent findings with peers and experts in the field. A broad range of high frequency related topics, from materials and technologies to integrated circuits, systems and applications will be addressed in all their aspects: theory, simulation, design, and measurement.

The 17th EuMIC is part of the European Microwave Week 2022. Initiated by the GAAS® Association in 1990 and renamed in 2006, the conference is being held from 26-27 September. The EuMIC conference is jointly organized by the GAAS® Association and EuMA and is the premier European technical conference for RF and microwave electronics, and opto-electronics. It has established itself as a key contributor to the success of the overall European Microwave Week and remains the largest scientific event in Europe related to microwave integrated circuits.

The 19th EuRAD will be held from the 28-30 of September also as part of the European Microwave Week 2022. This Radar Conference is the major European event for the present status and the future trends in the field of radar research, technology, system design and applications. The EuRAD conference will bring together a global network of researchers, practitioners and institutes working on topics related to the following four areas of focus: Radar Sub-systems and Phenomenology, Radar Techniques, Radar Architecture and Systems and Radar Applications.

The Women in Microwave Engineering event is co-sponsored by the IEEE MTT-S and will take place at the beautiful location of Pinacoteca Ambrosiana. The event includes a technical session followed by a visit to the museum taking place on 28 September. This year the Women in Microwaves session, entitled: “Wearable devices: engineering meets creativity” with three excellent talks by international women scientists.

Students and young professionals are strongly encouraged to attend with many activities that have been organized specifically for them such as two Doctoral Schools (one focused on Microwaves for Emerging Medical Technologies and the other on building a FMCW radar), a Three Minute Thesis competition, an IEEE Young Professional technical session, the Career Platform, prizes and grants, student helpers’ program and a networking event.


The Automotive Forum takes place 26 September with a focus on Automotive Radar Sensors and Testing. The first 77 GHz automotive radar sensors entered the European market in 1999 and in 2019, EuMA organized the Automotive Forum for the first time to provide an open platform for industrial experts to discuss technical aspects, concepts and radar architectures as well as market issues in the area of microwaves in the automotive industry. This year’s forum consists of a good mix of technical presentations, plenary and panel discussions as well as networking time. This year’s event will focus on the following topics:

  • Recent progress of imaging RADARs
  • Radar interference challenges and solutions
  • Radar interference testing and market prospects
  • Novel Radar trends and innovations

The forum is mainly devoted to technical experts from automotive industry throughout the whole supply chain. Keynote speakers will present their views on special technical solutions as well as regulatory or strategic issues.

The Defence, Security, and Space (DSS) Forum takes place on 28 September and focuses on key technologies of the modern defense systems using the electromagnetic spectrum including radars, electronic support measure systems, electronic countermeasures systems, and platforms for cyber security. In this context, the keynote speakers will consider the state of the art of leading technologies and systems, the estimated evolution of technologies and trends and consider expected capabilities and functionalities to address future challenges. The Industry Session will reflect the effort and investment that is being made to innovate/develop radar and electronic defense technologies and will be given during a “Lunch and Learn” session with free box lunches provided by Microwave Journal. The DSS Forum “Future Radar Technology Round Table” will be a moderator lead discussion with radar industry experts discussing the future of radar systems and electronic defense platforms enabled by new semiconductor technologies, faster digital processing speeds and extended memory, better thermal designs/materials, new simulation/testing capabilities and new software capabilities such as artificial intelligence and machine learning for cognitive systems. The experts will review these new capabilities and project how these underlying improvements will shape future radar systems and multi-function platforms.

The From 5G to 6G Forum takes place 29 September and takes a deep dive into the important research trends that will permit the evolution of services from 5G to 6G with a clear focus on the RF technologies that will enable the use of the mmWave and sub-THz bands. The Forum consists of a full day session with invited speakers from industry, operators and vendors, and academy. The forum covers all aspects related to integration of communication and sensing, the novel Electromagnetic Information Theory, aspects to improve coverage and performance of mmWave networks. The presence of leading operators and 5G leading vendors together with academy will permit setting the scene in terms of requirements, long term vision and most important research trends. The Forum will include a panel session, coffee breaks and box lunches.


This year features a short course about Fundamentals of Microwave Power Amplifier Design and 30 workshops in the most interesting fields within the microwave industry, reflecting the areas of all the three conferences taking place during the week (EuMC, EuMIC, and EuRAD). Workshop topics include emerging applications such as quantum computing, with two different workshops focused on the cryogenic RF/mmWave technology, metrology and other emerging microwave techniques for quantum computing. Several workshops tackle 6G communication systems from different perspectives, including both architecture and system aspects as well as all its main technological challenges, from semiconductor to integration technologies. Specific sessions also address radars, automotive and space-related aspects, including the access-to-space topic. Others are devoted to healthcare and biomedical applications with four dedicated workshops tackling the last advancements on topics such as dosimetry and micro-dosimetry for the estimation of the exposure of human bodies to the EM radiation, new sensors for medical applications, nanoparticles in medicine and the innovative use of radars in this area. Several workshops are also dedicated to foundational topics such as filters, arrays and innovative manufacturing techniques. EuMIC and EuRAD workshops are concentrated on Sunday and Friday, respectively. EuMC workshops are spread throughout Sunday, Monday and Friday.


Don’t miss the exhibition, not only to get closer to the latest products in the field, but also to get together and meet colleagues, establishing new connections, or bringing new life to old collaborations. The exhibition will feature close to 200 companies featuring the latest devices/components, test & measurement equipment, simulation/modeling software, materials/PCBs and more. Keysight Technologies and Rohde & Schwarz have the largest stands in the middle of the exhibition and the exhibition has many local companies and representatives from Italy that you might not see in other countries so take advantage of that and visit them. See the demonstrations and special displays to learn more about the products and services that are available from exhibiting companies. Note that the MicroApps is canceled this year but will return next year in Berlin. See you in Milan!