At IMS2022., KREEMO and Sivers Semiconductors jointly announced that they have successfully demonstrated data communication between transparent antenna-on-display devices based on SUMMIT2629, a 28 GHz beamforming chip, and stackable patch antenna devices, which was also announced in MWC 2022.

It is a significant achievement that the stackable patch antenna’s offering of a 360-degree beam coverage and transparent antenna-on-display are commercially ready.

The SUMMIT 2629TM is the award-winning RFSOI eight-channel RF beamforming IC for 28 GHz. It was designed specifically to address the challenges constraining 5G mmWave performance. The Summit2629 extends link range and reduces power consumption while optimizing antenna array complexity and reducing overall RF front-end costs.

KREEMO has secured the world's first transparent antenna-on-display technology that implements mmWave antennas on displays and Stackable Patch Antenna technology that provides 360-degree coverage.

The mmwave transparent antenna-on-display module and stackable patch antenna’s 360-degree coverage, developed by applying the core technologies of both companies, are optimized solutions for metaverse services that require high speed and ultra-low latency transmission of large-capacity data.

The products jointly developed and supplied by KREEMO and Sivers Semiconductors are the transparent antenna-on-display module, the 1x4 stackable patch antenna module with a 360-degree beam coverage, a 4x4 AiP (antenna-in-package) module (scheduled in '22.4Q), a 4 x 4 stackable patch antenna module with a 360-degree coverage (scheduled in '23. 2Q) and the antenna development kit 360° (ADK360°).

“This is a very important step in our join efforts with Kreemo to bring best in class mmWave Meta verse solutions to the market. Antennas on display will be a game changer for this type of applications.” said Anders Storm, Group CEO, Sivers Semiconductors. 

“We’re spearheading the new market with the Transparent Antenna-on-Display module and the Stackable Patch Antenna offering a 360-degree coverage jointly developed with Sivers Semiconductors,” said John Park, the CEO of KREEMO. “We will continue with innovative products offering 360-degree antenna technology through cooperation with Sivers Semiconductors.