Antenum is a new to the industry groundbreaking antenna maker that has recently introduced a completely conformal, multiband antenna system, “CALPRO,” to the automotive market. CALPRO replaces the standard shark fin antenna with a completely hidden and more powerful system. Production units will ship this quarter to a prominent EV maker. The company is now targeting additional markets where a conformal, multiband antenna will be of high value.

Antenum is also now bringing to market BeamPRO, a revolutionary passive approach to beamforming. The company will announce its launch at the IMS show June 19-21 in Denver.

BeamPRO will be the industry’s first low-cost, wide-band, passive beamformer. Using a patented time-delay wave guide technology, BeamPRO will eliminate the need for any power dividers and phase shifters resulting in a compact, lightweight and low-power product. BeamPRO’s market-leading SWaP-C is set to turn the industry on its head.

Antenum is looking to build out a nationwide group of experienced industry reps who can bring both CALPRO and BeamPRO to the military, aerospace and satcom markets.

If this is an opportunity that fits your line card, then call (877) 212-2773 or email: or book online at to set up a meeting with the company’s senior executive team at the IMS show.