The demand for communication and data transmission in the digital age has created a huge market for broadband connectivity, leading to requirements for components with wide frequency coverage, small size and higher power ratings. Responding to this need, Smiths Interconnect’s TSX series of fixed chip attenuators offer broadband performance to 50 GHz in a small 0604 surface-mount package, with 1 to 3 W CW power handling. The TSX series offers attenuation values from 1 through 10 dB in 1 dB steps, as well as 15 and 20 dB. Accuracy is specified as ±0.5 dB through 40 GHz, ±0.5 dB to 50 GHz for the 1 through 10 dB attenuators and ±3.0 dB between 40 and 50 GHz for the 15 and 20 dB attenuators. VSWR is a maximum of 1.2:1 through 40 GHz and 1.25:1 between 40 and 50 GHz.

The TSX attenuators were designed using 3D electromagnetic simulation software; 3D and S-parameter models are available from Modelithics. The attenuators are fabricated on alumina substrates using a thin film tantalum nitride material for the resistors and gold over nickel metallization, coated with Si nitride passivation. This results in a product able to withstand harsh environments, such as space and military systems. The wide frequency coverage of the TSX series enables designs to use a single attenuator for multiple applications, which reduces the bill of material count and inventory cost.

Smiths Interconnect provides a wide selection of chip attenuators covering DC to Q-Band. To meet the thermal needs of various applications, the chip components are fabricated on alumina, aluminum nitride, beryllium oxide and CVD diamond. Smiths Interconnect products are available from RFMW, a specialty electronics distributor exclusively serving customers requiring RF/microwave components and semiconductors.

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