To aid designers of GaN power amplifiers (PA), Wolfspeed has selected several recent articles published by Microwave Journal, creating this handy eBook reference. We begin with a survey of the RF GaN market written by the consulting firm Yole Développement. “The RF GaN Device Market: A Roller-Coaster Ride.” Then “A Dive into Integrated PA Topologies for 5G mMIMO,” written by Wolfspeed, discusses the benefit of using GaN rather than LDMOS and how best to design the GaN PA. The article “Broadband, High Efficiency, Class J Power Amplifier Design Method with Compensating Drain-Source Capacitance,” written by authors from Hangzhou University and the University of Kent, describes a single-ended GaN PA design covering the cellular bands from 1.4 to 3.6 GHz that achieves approximately 10 W output power, between 60 and 68 percent drain efficiency and an adjacent channel power ratio better than −30 dBc. The next article, “Doherty Power Amplifiers Move to mmWave,” written by PRFI, describes the design of an asymmetric Doherty PA MMIC for the 28 GHz 5G band. The design was processed using Wolfspeed’s 0.15 μm GaN on SiC foundry process. The next article, “The Maximally Efficient Amplifier,” written by Rohde & Schwarz, explores the theoretical circuit approaches for maximizing a PA’s efficiency: waveform engineering, supply modulation and load modulation. The eBook concludes with “Choosing the Right Signal Source for Reliable Measurements,” a cautionary reminder from Rohde & Schwarz that the quality of the signal source causes measurement uncertainty and error.

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