TMD Technologies, a division of Communications and Power Industries (CPI), will be attending IMS2022, with a representative selection of its extensive range of microwave and RF products for defence, electronic warfare, radar and homeland security programmes.

On booth 3041, visitors will be able to discuss all the latest introductions to CPI TMD Technologies Division’s comprehensive product portfolio and view two typical innovative microwave power modules (MPMs) namely—the PTXM9754 and PTXM1000—that epitomize the company’s outstanding design and manufacturing capability. 

Innovation built-in

The PTX9754 and PTXM1000 MPMs meet the demands of high-performance electronic counter measure and Communication Data Link systems, and feature an advanced, integrated ‘super-mini’ traveling wave tube (TWT), a solid-state preamplifier and an optimized, high density, switched mode power supply to form a single drop-in microwave amplifier block—eliminating TWT interconnections, and further reducing overall physical size. The PTXM9754 operates over a broadband 6 to 18 GHz range with an output of 100 W, and the PTXM1000 operates over the Ku-Band 13.75 to 14.5 GHz typically with an output of 110 W. Both units meet stringent military environmental operating standards.

Strong team

CPI TMD Technologies Division’s Sales Director Nigel Hann said,  "IMS is recognized as the world’s largest microwave and RF industry trade show with over four hundred exhibitors globally expected this year, and we look forward to meeting up again with our growing customer base and welcoming new visitors to discuss their microwave requirements. This year, for the first time, we share the IMS booth with CPI colleagues from Beverly Microwave Division, who market many similar products to significantly strengthen CPI’s capability in the microwave and RF field."

CPI Beverly Microwave Division (CPI BMD) products on show at IMS2022

CPI BMD products on booth 3041 will include Ka- and X-Band receivers, solid-state limiters, solid-state filter/limiter/attenuators, GaN based solid-state MPMs, and UAV/SAR and mini helix TWTs.