Narda Safety Test Solutions has developed two new 5G antennas for its SRM-3006 that enable this tried and tested handheld field strength measuring system to measure the upper 5G frequency band FR2. One omnidirectional and one directional downconverter antenna will now capture electromagnetic fields and their sources in the range between 24.25 and 29.50 GHz. Both antennas can downconvert these high 5G frequencies so that they can be measured by the Narda Selective Radiation Meter.

Product Features

  • Extends SRM-3006 to cover 24.25 GHz to 29.5 GHz
  • Calibrated antennas for reliable measurements
  • Measurements are displayed in field strength or in percent of limit values, e.g. ICNIRP, FCC...
  • Omnidirectional antenna design for environmental measurements
  • Directional antenna design for weak signals
  • Easy to setup
  • Simple operation
  • Fast and reliable measurement results