W.L. Gore & Associates has extended online capabilities building on the success of last year's launch of the cable configurator. Available now from Gore is the new GORE™ Microwave/RF Assembly Builder, an online interactive design guide that provides simple step-by-step instructions for configuring GORE microwave/RF cable assemblies.

Gore's new Microwave/RF Configurator -- available at www.gore.com/rfcablebuilder -- simplifies the assembly design and configuration process enabling the user to build an assembly and submit an RFQ using the simple step-by-step configuration tool, with no registration required to access the process.

Gore's vast experience and knowledge of the microwave/RF industry has resulted in a wealth of data easily sorted and assessed, providing rapid and reliable product selection to meet application needs. Gore has succeeded in providing a detailed and unique product data sheet for every assembly configuration submitted which contains technical information pertinent to the success of the customer's equipment.

Jim Foreman, for Gore's RF Cable Assembly products, commented, "The Gore Microwave/RF Cable Configurator will enable the customer to configure a reliable assembly solution that meets specific performance limits, all done from the convenience of their own work station. This online tool gives round the clock access to Gore's expertise, along with the safe knowledge that technical assistance, if required, is available direct from Gore."